Scottish Terrier for Sale Hong Kong

Listed Scottish Terrier puppies and adult dogs for sale near me at affordable prices.


Scottish Terrier Pups 1black girl , 1 wheaten dog , not KC reg but are pure bred . wormed every 2 weeks from birth. We own both parents so viewing no problem . Only genuine callers please .They make wonderful companions.

Please do cont


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I have 1 Brindle DOG who carries the Wheaten Gene left out of a litter of 5 puppies. He's got a beautiful temperament playful and content. He's been mixing with other dogs and small children.
Please do contact us below using our email address.. <


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Scottish terrier pups, pedigree, home bred, used to family life with children. Looking for their forever homes. Mum can been seen. Call For further details or to arrange to come and meet us.

For more information please us below...


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Scottish Terrier Puppies
Mother can be seen and Grandmother.Kc Registered.raised in the family home.Puppies will have their first vaccination,be wormed and insured.We are LICENCED breeders.Please call for more information.


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The pups have great blood lines with many champions from the top uk lines on there last 5 generations 2 large male and 3 large females all with great colours and markings and coats . Mum and dad are my pets and can be seen with the pups they both hav


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The pups have great blood lines with many champions from the top uk lines on there last 5 generations 2 large male and 3 large females all with great colours and markings and coats . Mum and dad are my pets and can be seen with the pups they both hav


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Kc Registered Scottish Terrier Puppy
KC registered, Lovely, chunky, intelligent little man for sale, sadly he was already homed but due to unforseen allergy issues he had to come back to me. he comes with 5 Generation Pedigree, 4 weeks free insur


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